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Thabure Towerco is committed to ensuring that communities in the townships and rural areas are not left behind as South Africa and the world gallop towards the adoption and use of modern technologies and broadband services. 

Our clients are telecoms operators; state owned enterprises; internet service providers; municipalities and regulators. They see us as a reliable partner in closing the digital gap that still defines many parts of the country, hinders connectivity and impacts on the efficient delivery of key services such as education and health.

Thabure Towerco is led by a team with over 15 years of experience in the deployment of full-turnkey telecoms infrastructure projects in South Africa and across the continent.

It is from this vast experience and our innovation driven approach that we provide the following services:

Thabure Towerco owns a number of towers and high sites that are leased-out to clients, most of them telecoms operators. 

The company has developed a significant pool of sites that are at the Ready to Build stage and will be constructed in various provinces over the next few years.

Thabure Towerco has the in-house capacity to provide turn-key solutions such as site acquisition and permitting; construction of passive infrastructure; installation and commissioning of radio networks; provision of power solutions and effective community engagement. 

Thabure Towerco adheres to high health, safety, environmental and quality standards in the implementation of projects. Our track record in this regard is well known in the industry.

Thabure Towerco’s current portfolio and planned towers are ideally located to meet demand for broadband services as such demand shifts from established markets in the suburbs to new frontiers in rural and townships areas.

Colocation enables our clients to achieve rapid deployment of their radio networks and achieve operational efficiencies in a low margin environment.

Our sites are designed and constructed to minimise the disruption period between the signing of Lease Schedules to the issuing of Ready for Occupation notices.

Owners of high sites such as buildings can use our expertise to generate additional revenues through the colocation of communication RF antennae on their properties.

Our portfolio is also well positioned to assist emerging broadcasters and internet service providers with reliable infrastructure and bandwidth connectivity.

The advent of Covid-19 has heightened the urgency to bridge the digital divide between the urban-rich and rural-poor. 

The disruption of educational and health systems as a result of this unprecedented pandemic underpins the need to use broadband services to modernise the delivery of such key community services in remote areas.

Thabure Towerco develops and manages access network points that bring internet services to a large number of schools and medical facilities in rural and township communities. 

Our flagship project in this regard is the roll-out of SA Connect in the Vhembe District, in Limpopo.

Thabure Towerco has also partnered with a blue-chip mining company to bring connectivity to rural schools.

Thabure Towerco owns valid IECS and ECNS licenses issued by ICASA.

The ECNS license enables the company to operate communication networks on infrastructure such as towers and fibre networks, while the IECS license enables us to provide telecoms services as an ISP over such networks.

Thabure Towerco uses its proven track record, technical know-how and these licenses to develop innovative projects, including spectrum acquisition related initiatives.

Licensed services also include the enhancement of revenue for landlords; property owners and developers, on a risk adjusted profit sharing basis.